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Professional Standards

For registered psychiatric nurses

Professional Standards for Psychiatric Nursing

The Professional Standards for Psychiatric Nursing describes, in broad terms, the expected level of performance of all registered psychiatric nurses (RPNs). These were developed for national use by the Registered Psychiatric Nurse Regulators of Canada and adopted by BCCNP in November 2019 (in effect date Jan. 3, 2020).

Professional Standards, along with the Code of Ethics, address the overarching professional requirements for all registered psychiatric nurses practicing in B.C. Under each standard there are a number of indicators that help determine how to meet the professional standard. The indicators are representative but not comprehensive for each standard.​

The Standards​

Standard 1: Therapeutic Relationships

Standard 2: Competent, Evidence-Informed Practice

Standard 3: Professional Responsibility

Standard 4: Leadership and Collaboration in Quality Psychiatric Nursing Practice

Standard 5​: Professional Ethical Practice

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