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Leadership and Collaboration in Quality Psychiatric Nursing Practice

Professional Standards for Psychiatric Nursing

Standard ​​​4: Leadership and ​​Collaboration in Quality Psychiatric Nursing Practice

The registered psychiatric nurse enhances the safety, quality and effectiveness of psychiatric nursing practice through leadership and collaboration.

A registered psychiatric nurse:

  1. Engages in practices that promote physical, environmental and psychological safety.
  2. Evaluates the effectiveness of interventions in psychiatric nursing practice.
  3. Participates in quality improvement activities to initiate change in psychiatric nursing practice and in the health care system.
  4. Collaborates with client, team members, families and other stakeholders to develop comprehensive psychiatric nursing care to achieve the client's health goals.
  5. Mentors colleagues and stakeholders for the advancement of psychiatric nursing practice and quality health care.
  6. Promotes collaborative practice among health care professionals through respectful working relationships and appropriate documentation practices.
  7. Acts as a leader, teacher and role model to students, beginner practitioners and colleagues, supporting, Instructing and/or mentoring them in their professional development.
  8. Takes action to resolve professional practice issues.
  9. Collaborates with and advocates for clients.
  10. Demonstrates professional leadership​ through:
​Buil​d​ing trusting relationships

ii)​ ​Creating empowering environments
​Supporting knowledge development and integration within the health care team
​Advancing psychiatric nursing practice and quality health care
​Leading and sustaining change and balancing competing values and priorities​​