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Professional Responsibility

Professional Standards for Psychiatric Nursing

Standard 3: Professional Responsibility

The registered psychiatric nurse is accountable and responsible for safe, competent and ethical psychiatric nursing practice that meets the standards of the profession and legislated requirements.

A registered psychiatric nurse:

  1. Maintains current registration/licensure.  

  2. Practises in accordance with all relevant legislation and regulation including the Professional Standards for Registered Psychiatric Nurses.  

  3. Exercises professional judgment when agency policies and procedures are unclear or absent.  

  4. Assumes responsibility and accountability for continuing competence​​, and for meeting continuing competence requirements.

  5. Seeks out the necessary resources using skill and professional judgment to address personal and professional limitations.   

  6. Recognizes the competencies​ an​d limitations of colleagues and/or students when assigning responsibilities.  

  7. Responds to and/or reports unsafe practice, professional incompetence, professional misconduct, and incapacity or fitness-to-practice issues to the appropriate authority.  

  8. Complies with any legal duty to warn and report, including abuse or potential harm to the public. 

  9. Self-reports to the regulatory body conditions that compromise their fitness to practice.  

  10. Uses technology, electronic communication and social media responsibly and professionally.​