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Competent, Evidence-Informed Practice

Professional Standards for Psychiatric Nursing

Sta​​ndard 2: Competent, Evidence-Informed Practice

The registered psychiatric ​​nurse contin​ually acquires and integrates evidence-informed​ knowledge and builds on psychiatric nursing education and lifelong learning.

A registered psychiatric nurse:

  1. Applies evidence-informed knowledge, skill, critical thinking and professional judgment to assess, plan, implement, and evaluate in the practice of psychiatric nursing.

  2. Incorporates evidence-informed knowledge to promote safety and quality in psychiatric nursing practice.

  3. Uses communication skills effectively.

  4. Integrates ​cultural competence and cultural safety​​ into their prac​tice with diverse clients.

  5. Recognizes potential risks and hazards, and implements interventions to promote a safe environment.

  6. Integrates infection prevention and control principles in providing psychiatric nursing care.

  7. Documents the application of the clinical decision-making process in a responsible, accountable and ethical manner.

  8. Applies documentation principles to ensure effective written/electronic communication.

  9. Remains current in knowledge relevant to their practice.

  10. Incorporates knowledge of therapeutic modalities and conceptual models of psychiatric nursing.

  11. Coordinates client care and/or health services through​out the continuum of care.

  12. Establishes, maintains and coordinates a plan of care based on a comprehensive psychiatric nursing assessment.​