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How to apply

Applications for initial registered psychiatric nurse registration in British Columbia

​​Initial applications

The application process you follow is determined by where you received your nursing education. These applications are for first-time applicants only; if you previously held registered psychiatric nurse (RPN) registration in British Columbia, learn how to reinstate your registration​

B.C. graduates

Apply as a B.C. graduate if you are graduating from a BCCNM-recognized nursing program in British Columbia. In order to write the national nursing exam (RPNCE), you must submit an application for ​RPN registration.

Canadian nurses

Apply as a Canadian RPN if you are curr​ently or have previously been registered as an RPN in another Canadian province or territory, or you recently graduated from a BCCNM-recognized RPN progra​​m outside of B.C.

Internationally-educated nurses

Internationally-educated R​​PNs who have never been registered in Canada may be eligible for registration​ in B.C. 

Other applications

Employed student psychiatric nurses

To apply for employed st​​udent psychiatric nurse (ESPN) registration, you must be enrolled in a BCCNM-recognized nursing program and have a job offer from an employer. 

Temporary emergency registration

Temporary emergency registration enab​​les former registrants and other qualified individuals to register quickly on a short-term basis to assist with emergency health care response in B.C. BCCNM is currently granting temporary emergency registration to assist with COVID-19 pandemic efforts.

Registration resources

​Complex applications and Registration Committee

Some applications are complex and require review a​​​nd decision by the Registration Committee.