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​​​​​​BCCNM Registration Services reviews and assesses every application for registration to determine if an applicant meets BCCNM's eligibility requirements. Some applications are complex and may require review and decision by the Registration Committee.​

Your application may be considered complex if:
  • You are a former registrant or non-practising registrant in BCCNM’s inquiry or discipline process​
  • You have a health condition that impairs, or may impair, your ability to practice
  • You were previously in a health regulator’s inquiry or discipline process in another jurisdiction
  • You have been charged or convicted of a criminal offence
  • You may have submitted inaccurate information on your application to BCCNM
  • You participated in unregistered practice
  • You did not comply with the quality assurance requirements
  • You do not meet the minimum clinical experience or continuing competency requirements​​
Please note: Complex applications are not limited to the situations listed above.

How to apply if you have a complex application

If you believe you have a complex application, please follow the application process and pay the applicable fees. If your application is identified as “complex,” it will be assigned to a BCCNM Registration Services team member who will contact you directly about any additional information required to assess your application. You will also be notified whether your application requires review by the Registration Committee. Depending on the complexity of your application, it may take several months before a determination is made whether to grant you registration.

Therefore, if you believe your application may be deemed complex, you should submit it well in advance of the standard timelines recommended by BCCNM.

Registration Committee

The Registration Committee, comprised of BCCNM Board appointed registrants and public representatives, is the highest authority at BCCNM for making registration decisions. The Committee’s authority is set out in the Health Professions Act and the BCCNM bylaws.

Do applicants appear before the committee?
Applicants do not appear before the Committee in person but can address the Committee in writing.
How does the Registration Committee reach a decision?
The Committee will consider all information submitted. The Committee’s decisions are guided by the Health Professions Act, the BCCNM bylaws, and BCCNM policies.
When will my application be reviewed?
The Registration Committee meets in Panels approximately once a month. When specific applications are reviewed by the Committee depends on a number of factors including: when assessments are complete, the composition of the Panel required, and the volume of applications requiring Registration Committee review.
How will I be notified of the committee's decision?
If your application is before the Registration Committee for consideration, you will be notified of the Committee’s decision by email within 30 days of the meeting.

Possible Registration Committee decisions

After reviewing your application and all other information submitted, the committee may make one of the following decisions:

  • Grant practising registration
  • Grant practising registration with limits or conditions
  • Grant provisional registration
  • Require additional steps be taken by an applicant before the applicant is considered eligible for registration
  • Require additional information before making a decision
  • Refuse practising registration​

Registration Committee Decisions

Committee decisions are posted when directed by the Registration Committee.