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To be eligible for registration as a registered psychiatric nurse, all initial applicants must pass the registration exam. The approved registration exam is the Registered Psychiatric Nurses of Canada Examination (RPNCE). The RPNCE is a multiple-choice, computer-based exam that consists of 200 questions that will test the exam writer’s understanding of entry-level competencies for registered psychiatric nurses. ​The examination is offered over a two-day period in January, May and October.​

Have you already passed the RPNCE?

If you've already written and passed the RPNCE, you do not need to re-write it. You must still meet all of the other registration requirements in order to register with BCCNM​. 

​How to apply 

1. Apply for registration with BCCNM (and accommodations if required)
To apply to write the exam, you will need to apply for registration with BCCNM. Upon completion of your nursing program (if applicable), sign into your BCCNM account and apply for practising RPN registration and pay the application fee. As part of your application assessment, we will also assess your eligibility to write the RPNCE.

Accommodation requests. You can indicate if you have an accommodation request for writing the exam on the RPN practising registration application. If you need to request an accommodation, see the application deadlines below. Learn more about exam accommodations.
2. Pay for the exam and select preferred writing location
Seven weeks before the exam, Meazure Learning will send you an email with instructions to register and pay for the exam, and select your preferred exam location from a pre-determined list.

IMPORTANT: You will have seven days to purchase your exam. If you do not purchase the exam within this window, you will not be able to write the exam and will have to wait until the next sitting. To be sure you receive this email, put​ in your email contacts list.
3. Wait for your exam booking confirmation
Four weeks prior to the exam date, Meazure Learning will send you a confirmation email with your exam date, location, exam and venue rules, and confirmation of accommodations (if applicable). Follow the instructions in this email closely.​​


​​The fee to write the RPNCE is $695+tax per attempt. This fees is paid to the exam provider, Meazure Learning, when you register for the exam. This amount does not include BCCNM application and registration fees​

Exam dates and deadlines

OCT. 18 + 19, 2023 EXAM JAN. 24 + 25, 2024 EXAM
MAY 15 + 16, 2024 EXAM
OCT. 16 + 17, 2024 EXAM

Apply for accommodation
July 26, 2023
Nov. 1, 2023
Feb. 21, 2024
July 24, 2024
Apply for registration/exam  Aug. 23, 2023 Nov. 27, 2023
March 18, 2024
Aug. 19, 2024
Exam fee payment to Meazure Learning
Sept. 1-11, 2023
Dec. 7-14, 2023
April 2-9, 2024
Aug. 30-Sept. 5, 2024
Withdraw without charge
Sept. 13, 2023
January 10, 2024
May 1, 2024
Oct. 2, 2024

Exam scheduling and locations​

When you pay the exam fee to Meazure Learning, you will select your preferred writing location in BC, Alberta, Saskatchewan or Manitoba from a pre-determined list. While efforts will be made to schedule exam writers in their preferred writing location, venues are subject to availability and are not guaranteed.  If your preferred location is not available, Meazure Learning will work with you to determine an appropriate location.

Four weeks before the exam you will receive a confirmation email from Meazure Learning providing your exam date, location and the information you need for exam day. Once your exam date and location has been booked it cannot be changed

Preparing for the RPNCE

The following materials are available to help you prepare for the RPNCE. If the information you're looking for isn't included in the materials below, check the RPNCE frequently asked questions
​​​Exam Blueprint
The RPNCE Blueprint provides a summary of the content covered in the exam and what kind of questions exam writers can expect.
Study Guide
The RPNCE Study Guide assists exam writers by providing information about the RPNCE, test taking and study strategies, and a bibliography of study resources.
Practice Test
An online practice test is available for purchase. The test includes 100 questions similar to those asked on the RPNCE. For each question, rationales are provided for correct and incorrect answers. After the test is completed, you will be sent an examination review report that includes a summary of performance.
​A note about third-party prep materials
We are aware that some third-party prep materials are available. While it is your choice to determine if you will find these materials useful, here is what you need to know:
  • BCCNM does not review third-party prep courses and cannot endorse them.
  • No third-party has access to the RPNCE questions. Be wary of any resource claiming to have access.​

Exam results​

​BCCNM will notify you of your exam result approximately four​ weeks after your exam date.

If you pass
When we notify you of your exam result, we will inform you of any remaining requirements for registration. If you have met all requirements and have provisional registration, your registration will automatically be converted to practising registered psychiatric nurse registration. If you do not have provisional registration, you'll be provided information by email about how to complete your registration. ​
If you fail
You will be sent a performance summary. If you have provisional registration, you can continue practising if you fail the exam on your first attempt. If you fail the exam a second time, your provisional registration will expire six to eight weeks after the notification of your second failure. Learn more

​You can take the exam a maximum of three times within four years of graduation from an approved psychiatric nursing program (or for international applicants, within two years of approval to write the examination).​
Requesting a re-score
You may apply to have your examination rescored up to 12 weeks after exam day. Contact BCCNM at for details.​