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​Any applicant who plans to take the RPNCE​ has the right to request an exam accommodation — a modification of exam procedures or testing conditions. The modification helps an applicant who has a physical or mental condition/disorder/disability to take the exam. It is designed to meet the particular needs of the applicant. 

​Examples of an exam accommodation

  • Additional time
  • A separate room
  • A separate room and a reader

​​Qualifying for exam accommodation

To qualify for an exam accommodation, your request must: ​

  • Be based on a professionally recognized diagnosis of a disability, impairment, condition, or disorder (or any other grounds listed in the Canadian Charter of Rights and Freedoms or the BC Human Rights Code).
  • Show how your condition/disability/disorder will interfere with your ability to take the exam, and how the accommodation you are requesting addresses it.
  • Be based on a current condition/disability/disorder, not something you no longer live with.
  • Ensure the integrity of the exam remains intact.

Requesting exam accommodation

​You will indicate that you need to request an accommodation for the RPNCE on your application for practising registration​​. After you submit your application, you will be emailed three forms to be completed by you, your education program (if relevant), and your health care professional. Please fully complete these forms and gather all supporting documents required as soon as possible to help avoid delays in our review of your request. 

If you are requesting an accommodation, we recommend applying for registration eight weeks before you would like to take the exam.​

Accommodation costs

There is no fee for requesting an accommodation; however, you are responsible for any costs associated with collecting the supporting documentation (e.g., assessment/reporting fees charged by health professionals to complete the form or submit an assessment of your diagnosis, etc.).​

​​​Will an accommodation request affect my application for registration?

​Fitness to practise nursing is a requirement for registration and includes the capacity to practise nursing safely. To determine if your physical or mental condition/disorder/disability could affect your ability to practise nursing safely, BCCNM may use the information you or your health professional submits.

If BCCNM or the registration committee plans to review the information submitted with your request for accommodation, we will notify you. You will have an opportunity to submit information for consideration before they decide your eligibility for registration.​​​​​​​​