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Enrolling in PRIME: information for nurses and midwives

Oct 12, 2021

BCCNM is providing this information to registrants on behalf of the Ministry of Health and the PRIME initiative. Questions should be directed to PRIME staff at the contact info below. Please do not contact BCCNM.

PRIME is here

The Ministry of Health requires that all healthcare professionals using PharmaNet to deliver patient care participate in the PRIME program. This means nurses and midwives working in B.C. who use PharmaNet to care for patients will need to enrol in PRIME.

PRIME enrollment is a simple online application that practitioners can complete in about 15 minutes. By enrolling in PRIME, practitioners request Ministry of Health approval to access PharmaNet. PRIME protects patient and practitioner information by ensuring only authorized users have access to PharmaNet.

Step 1: Set up your mobile BC Services Card on a mobile phone or tablet

The first step to enrol in PRIME is to set up your BC Services Card mobile app—this is what you will use to begin PRIME enrolment. The BC Services Card app is used to access numerous government services, including Health Gateway, BC Vaccine Card, MyHealth, StudentAid BC.

PRIME uses the applicant's name, birthdate and address from the BC Services card (but does not share it). This use is completely separate from an individual's Personal Health Number or health information.

Many individuals may already have a mobile BC Services Card on their phone or tablet—in this case, no further action is needed at this time. If you haven't yet enrolled, you're encouraged to do so in the coming weeks.

  • Click here for the steps to set up your mobile BC Services Card.

Step 2: Enrol in PRIME

For most practitioners, setting up their BC Services Card is the only action required at this time.

Practitioners who are currently using PharmaNet will need to enrol in PRIME in the coming months. For now, please set up your mobile BC Services Card. The Ministry of Health will share the specifics on enrolment dates as they are available, and BCCNM will then provide this information to registrants.

Practitioners who are joining a new workplace are encouraged to enrol in PRIME now to access PharmaNet.


  • Set up a mobile BC Services Card
  • Learn more about PRIME and access some key resources
    • PRIME Quick Reference Guide
    • Watch a how-to video for enrolling in PRIME
    • Frequently Asked Questions
  • Learn more about ​PharmaNet (practitioners may know it by the name of the software used in their workplace)