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2022-23 Registration fees: Registered midwives

Nov 2, 2021

​The BCCNM Board recently approved fees for the 2022-23 registration year. A summary of fee changes is provided below; check the fees page for a full list of fees for registered midwives.

BCCNM registration fees

In 2022-23, practising midwives will pay $751.90 in BCCNM registration fees, a 1.5% ($10.95) increase to adjust for inflation. Non-practising midwife and student midwife fees will not change. 

​ ​
Registration class
2021-22 fees2022-23 fees
Practising midwife
Non-practising midwife$94.90$94.90
Student midwife​
​ ​ ​

Other fee changes

Exam fees (midwife)

The Jurisprudence fee has been removed as the Jurisprudence exam has been discontinued. The online Jurisprudence course​ continues to be available and is strongly recommended for all registrants.