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Midwifery jurisprudence exam

Important: The May 7, 2021 jurisprudence exam sitting is cancelled. Learn more​.

All applicants for registration with BCCNM as midwives are required to write and pass the BC Midwifery Jurisprudence Examination, a requirement for registration under the BCCNM bylaws.​ In order to pass the examination, you must achieve a grade of 78% or higher. You may be eligible for provisional midwife registration pending successful completion of the exam.​

Prepare for the exam
To prepare writing the exam, you should review the following:

More specifically, you will be expected to demonstrate understanding of the standards, policies and guidelines of BCCNM. Exam candidates who are ready to practice midwifery in BC are expected to know the materials covered in the exam.
Exam length and format
The exam is two hours in length and includes multiple choice, matching and true or false questions.

While the jurisprudence exam is primarily focused on applying midwifery knowledge specific to B.C. regulation and practice (eg. labs, prescribing, indications for discussion, consultation and transfer of care) in clinical situations, there are a number of case-based questions on the exam that test B.C.-specific knowledge in the context of overall basic midwifery knowledge.
Exam dates
The exam is offered two times a year (May and October) and coincides closely with the dates of the Canadian Midwifery Registration Examination. Eligible applicants and provisional registrants who have not written the exam will receive an exam registration package at least two months before the scheduled exam. Eligible candidates who do not receive the registration package as expected should contact Registration Services at​.

​Exam date

Time and location

​Registration deadline

​May 7, 2021 - CANCELLED
​10:00 a.m. to 12:00 p.m. in Vancouver
​March 31, 2021
​October 2021
Exam fee
Exam registration fee $300. The fee must be submitted to BCCNM by the set deadline date included in your exam registration package in order to write the exam.


​​The following additional resources may assist you in preparing for the jurisprudence exam. 

Online jurisprudence course: Essential information on midwifery practice in B.C.

​This course is optional. Taking this course is not a registration requirement. 

The B.C. Ministry of Jobs, Economic Development and Competitiveness provided funding to create this online course.The goal of the course is to assist applicants to be well-informed, prepared for registration, and are familiar with the governing legislation, regulations and standards. It also aims to enrich applicants’ knowledge of midwifery practice in British Columbia, Canada.

How to take the course
Course length and format
The course contains 11 modules and takes approximately an hour to complete. A certificate of completion will be issued upon completion of all modules.
Technical requirements
The site is optimized for desktop or laptop computers only. Please also avoid using a mobile device or Internet Explorer for course access as it will cause formatting issues.

BC Jurisprudence Cour​​se Handbook

The Jurisprudence Course Handbook provides essential information on the legal and ethical framework of midwifery practice in B.C. It serves as a resource for individuals seeking initial midwifery registration in BC to assist with self-orientation and for use as a resource when completing the online jurisprudence course.​