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Standards & guidelines

New medications and substances standard​​​​

​The BCCNM board on Nov. 24, 2022, approved a new standard for registered midwives: Medications and Substances: Standards, Limits and Conditions. The new standard came into effect March 1, 2023 and replaces four existing registered midwife standards. Learn more »
​​Prescribing & testing standards

Standards, limits and conditions for:

Medications and Substances​​​​​  ​​ new 

Ordering and Interpreting Screening and Diagnostic Tests​


Standard Outpatient Laboratory Requisition for Maternity Care (external link)

​Practice standard​s

Standards of Practice

Code of Ethics​

Indigenous Cultural Safety, Cultural Humility, and Anti-Racism ​​ new ​​

Policy on Informed Choice

Policy on Supportive Care​

Policy Statement on Comple​​mentary Therapies​

Policy on Requests for Care Outside Standards

Policy for Required Procedures for Midwife or Client-initiated Termination of Care

Agreement on Planned Place of Birth (form)

Standards for Postpartum Care

Policy on Hospital Privileges

Policy Statement on Planned VBAC

Position Statement on Fatigue Management​


Indications for discussion, consultation and transfer of care​

​Home birth standards

Policy for Home Birth Transport Plan

Home Birth Transport Plan (form)

Required Equipment and Supplies for Home Birth Setting

Planned Place of Birth Handbook

Planned Place of Birth Informed Consent ​ (form)

Policy for Second Birth Attendants

Infection prevention standards

Policy on Infection Prevention and Control​

Guideline for Protection from Blood and Bodily Fluid Exposure

Policy on Registrants Infected with Blood-borne Pathogens​

Records, data & privacy standards

Policy on Medical Records

Policy on Midwifery Data Submission

Personal Information Protection Act Requirements

Guideline for Participating in Social Media

Guideline for Using Electronic Communications to Transmit Client Information

Consent to Use Electronic Communications​ (form)

Clinical practice policies & guidelines

Clinical Practice Guidelines

Guideline for Managing the Second Stage of Labour

Guideline for the Use of Water in Labour and Birth

Policy on Reporting a Child in the Need of Protection

Client relations

Policy on Appropriate Client-midwife Relationships​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​