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Scope of practice

​The midwifery model of practice in B.C. is autonomous, community-based primary care, and incorporates the principles of continuity of care, informed choice, choice of birth setting, collaboration, accountability, ethics, and evidence-based practice. 

The midwifery scope and model of practice provides the broad boundaries of midwifery practice. BCCNM's standards of p​ractice and associated policies detail the minimum requirements for safe practice of midwifery within the midwifery scope and model. The Entry-level Competencies for Registered Midwives provide details of the skills and knowledge expected of a midwife in B.C.

What will I learn?

  • What the scope and model of practice is for midwives
  • What the controls on practice framework is and how to apply it to practice


Need help or​ advice?

For further guidance on the standards of practice or your professional practice contact us:

  • Toll-free 1.866.880.7101 x8803 (within Canada only)

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