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What does registration with the BC College of Nurses and Midwives me​​an?

Registration with the BC College of Nurses and Midwives allows an individual to legally practice midwifery in the province of British Columbia.

Registrants of the BCCNM have met all the criteria for registration and, in the best judgement of the Registration Committee, are competent, current and safe practitioners. Registered midwives have access to the guidelines, policies and other documents developed by BCCNM to assist them in providing high quality midwifery service in the province of British Columbia (B.C.). A registered midwife must:

  • ​practice within the midwifery scope and model of practice and according to the Midwives Regulation, ​​Bylaws of the BC College of Nurses and Midwives, Standards of Practice, and Code of Ethics;

  • carry professional liability insurance in an amount that is at least the minimum level of coverage required under BCCNM Bylaws; and

  • meet the continuing competency and quality assurance requirements, and annual registration requirements set by BCCNM.

What are the classes of regis​​tration?

The following classes of registrants are established in the BCCNM Bylaws:

  • Practising midwife registrant
  • Provisional midwife registrant
  • Non-practising midwife registrant
  • Temporary midwife (emergency) registrant
  • Student midwife registrant

For detailed information on the classes of registrants and their respective requirements for registration, please refer to BCCNM Bylaws.

Who will review my application for registrat​ion?

The BCCNM Registration Committee is responsible for determining who is qualified to practice midwifery in B.C. and conducts and oversees the registration process. The Registration Committee includes both appointed public members and B.C. registered midwives.

How do I regis​ter?

On the left-hand column, you'll find the How to apply  link that takes you to the pages where you'll find the registration requirements and process involved for each midwife registration category.

What is the cost of registrati​​on?

Visit the Fees​ page. Each registrant, except a non-practising midwife registrant, must obtain and at all times maintain professional liability insurance at the level set out in BCCNM bylaws. The Midwives Association of BC is responsible for negotiating the funding contract for midwifery services in B.C. and professional liability insurance is accessed through membership with MABC. For information on the cost of professional liability insurance, please contact MABC.