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Leaving or returning to practice

Information for current registrants considering leaving practice, or former/non-practising registrants who want to reinstate their registration and return to practice

​​U​nderstanding your options

View the registration status comparison table for an at-a-glance understanding of your registration options. If you have questions, contact BCCNM Registration Services at​​ or 604.742.6200 (1.866.880.7101 toll-free within Canada only).
Registration status comparison
Practising ​Non-practising Former registrant
2021-22 annual fee​  $740.95
Am I registrant of BCCNM? Yes Yes No
Can I practise in B.C.? Yes No No
Will I get communication from BCCNM? Yes. You receive the registrant newsletter and any special bulletins. Yes. You receive the registrant newsletter. Special bulletins as applicable​. No
Can I still call myself a midwife? Yes. You can use: 
  • Registered midwife
  • Midwife
  • RM

No. However, you can use the follow titles depending on your qualifications:

  • non-practising registered midwife
  • Non-practising RM
  • Non-practising midwife

No. You cannot use the title "midwife," "registered midwife," the abbreviation "RM," or any of the options in the non-practising category.
Can I be a member of a BCCNM committee? Yes, if you are in good standing with the college (subject to specific committee composition requirements). Yes, if you are in good standing with the college (subject to specific committee composition requirements). No​

​ ​

​​​Leaving practice

If you are leaving practice, there are considerations that you must take into account before your leave date. 


Please note: Effective April 1, 2021, non-practising registrants will need to reinstate their registration and pay the associated fees (currently identified as the "former" process below). Please review this information prior to your leave so you understand what is required when you are ready to return to practice.

​Convert to non-practising registration
Apply: Complete and submit the Application for Non-practising Midwife Registration​ to​.

Pay fees
: Pay the $100+GST​ reinstatement fee for non-practising midwives.

Notify Clients: Notify clients of change to non-practising registration.

  • All original retained records of clinical care are securely transferred to another registered midwife who is practicing midwifery in BC and retain documentation of the transfer​
  • When a shared care midwifery practice closes, all midwives who provided care to a client shall have access to the client's original records or a complete copy of the records.
​Resign your registration and become a former registrant

Apply: Complete and submit the Application for Resignation of Registration to Registration Services at​

Notify Clients: Notify clients of your resignation.

  • All original retained records of clinical care may be kept at the midwifery practice or taken with the leaving midwife provided that all midwives involved in the client’s care have access to a complete copy.​
  • Inform BCCNM of where client records will be stored and how they can be accessed. ​If the midwife is leaving the community where the client's care was provided, and the midwifery practice remains in that community, consideration should be given to having the client’s original records remain in the community where the client received care.
Leaving practice due to disability/illness

Check with your disability insurance company before you make changes to your status. Some disability carriers may require you to maintain practising or non-practising registration to receive benefits.​​​​​​

Returning to practice

If you are a former or non-practising BCCNM registrant, you must submit a reinstatement application to return to practice. Please submit your reinstatement application at least one month before your estimated return to work date.

1. Prepare your documents
To avoid delays in processing your application, prepare the following documents before you start your application:

  • Identification: Two notarized copies of two pieces of identification.
    Notarized name change document or marriage certificate: If you have changed your name since you last held practising registration with us. Learn more about accepted forms of identification​

  • Proof of completion of competency requirements: Cardiopulmonary resuscitation (CPR), emergency skills (ES), fetal health surviellance (FHS), and Neonatal resuscitation (NRP).

  • Certificate of completion for Opioids and Benzodiazepines: Safe prescribing for Midwives course (if applicable)

Former registrants: Additional documents required

  • Certificate of registration from other jurisdictions: Include a copy of your most recent certificate of registration for any province where youa re currently or have most recently been registered.

  • Hospital privileges: You will be required to list all hospitals where you have held privileges in the past five years.

2. Compl​ete your application and pay fee
The application form you complete depends on your current status: 

Criminal record check: You may be asked to consent to a criminal record check​ (CRC) as an updated CRC is required for any leave from practice longer than 60 days. Please note: Criminal record check results take a minimum of two weeks to be processed and your application cannot be assessed until the results are received. Please ensure you submit your application at least a month before your return to work date to allow for delays.

Fees: You will pay a $230+GST reinstatement application fee when your application is submitted. Reinstatement fees are non-refundable, so ensure you are ready to proceed before you pay.

The registration team will contact you if there are outstanding documents that BCCNM needs to proceed with your application.​
3. BCCNM review
BCCNM Registration Services will assess your application to determine whether you meet the requirements for reinstatement. The requirements for reinstatement include that you:

  • Were in compliance with all Quality Assurance program requirements​ at the time you last held practising registration
  • Meet the clinical experience requirement
  • Have maintained your knowledge, skills and abilities as a midwife, or have successfully completed an exam or upgrading of your knowledge, skills or abilities
  • Are of good character, including passing the criminal record check​ (if applicable)
  • Are fit to practice, and
  • Have paid any outstanding fines or fees

Note: If your registration was cancelled or suspended following an inquiry or discipline committee decision or you have a criminal charge since you last held practising registration you will be asked to provide additional information and evidence. Please contact the registration team for more information.
4. Registration Committee review/decision (if required)
Some applications are complex and require review and decision by the Registration Committee. Learn more about complex applications and Registration Committee review​.
5. Application approved/pay registration fees
If you meet the requirements for reinstatement, your application will be approved and you will be asked to pay your practising registration fees
6. Professional liability insurance
Obtain professional liability insurance from the Midwives Association of BC.
7. Wait for confirmation of registration from BCCNM
Once you have paid your registration fees, we will send you an email confirming that you have been granted practising registration. You must not practise as a midwife until you receive confirmation of registration.

Haven't received a confirmation email?
Registration will not be granted until your payment has been received. Before calling to check on the status of your application, please:

  • Double-check that you submitted your application and that your payment went through
  • Check your junk mail and spam folders​​​