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PHO reinstates mask requirements in health-care facilities

Sep 28, 2023

Updated Oct. 6, 2023 with information about home visits and new PHO orders

The Provincial Health Officer (PHO) Dr. Bonnie Henry on Sep. 28, 2023, announced that medical mask wearing will be required by all health-care workers, volunteers, contractors, and visitors in patient care areas starting Oct. 3, 2023.

The mask mandate applies to all health-care settings that are health-authority run, as well as community-based clinics and long-term care sites. There are currently no mask directives for private clinics, such as private doctors' offices, dentists' offices, and other private clinics staffed by regulated health professionals. 

Long-term care visitors will be required to wear a medical mask when they are in common areas of the facility and when participating in indoor events, gatherings, activities in communal areas of the care home or residence. 

Note that individual health authorities or clinics may have additional requirements, such as requiring nurses and midwives to wear a mask during health-care visits for a patient/client in their home setting​​. 

New PHO orders

Please note that Dr. Henry has posted two new orders regarding vaccination and preventive measures. Visit the PHO website to read Hospital and Community (Health Care and Other Services) COVID-19 Vaccination Status Information and Preventive Measures – October 5, 2023 and Residential Care COVID-19 Vaccination Status Information and Preventive Measures – October 5, 2023.

Questions should be directed to the PHO at​