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Practice hours are available through your BCCNM account

Dec 1, 2023

Practising nursing professionals are required to self-report their practice hours during registration renewal, and hours for the preceding four years can be viewed their BCCNM account. We encourage all practising registrants to check their practice hours to ensure they will meet the practice hours requirement and are able to renew your registration in 2024. ​

Historical practice hours now available

In response to requests for historical practice hours from registrants who are union members and applying for wage increases based on long service, historical practice hours are now also displayed (additional practice hours dating back to 1996 will be available for RNs and NPs as of Dec. 15, 2023). 

The practice hours listed in your BCCNM account are the only hours available. To capture your practice hours, take a screenshot or print the practice hours table.

View your practice hours by signing into your BCCNM account 

Practice hours requirements

Need a reminder about the details of the practice hours requirement for your profession? Visit the practice hours page below for details: