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Registered nurse edition


APRIL 2024

Unshakeable confidence in nursing and midwifery care


Appropriate use of "doctor" in your credentials

Reserved titles are a central and critical public protection element of B.C.'s health professions regulatory framework. The use of title learning resource now includes guidance on the appropriate use of "doctor." It’s important to clarify your role to avoid confusion.



Interested in exam development?

NCSBN is looking for RNs and LPNs who want to contribute to the development of the REx-PN. Volunteers will help evaluate the validity of the test plan that guides exam content. Apply by May 3.

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Celebrating Indigenous Nurses Day

On April 10, 2024, we celebrate the third annual Indigenous Nurses Day in B.C. This day is an opportunity for Indigenous nurses and their allies to come together and collaborate toward solutions to preserve the cultural integrity and traditional knowledge of Indigenous Peoples. This year's theme is "Transforming Lives, Rooted in Healing, Nurtured by Wisdom."


NNPBC revises RN Certified Practice DSTs

The Nurses and Nurse Practitioners of BC (NNPBC) is improving the RN Certified Practice Decision Support Tools (DSTs) and competencies. It has made structural changes to the STI Assessment and Diagnostic Guideline and Care and Treatment Plans. Effective March 28, 2024.

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Inquiry, Discipline, and Monitoring updates

BCCNM publishes a variety of professional conduct notices on its website. These notices include consent agreements, Discipline Committee and Inquiry Committee notices, and Inquiry and Discipline hearing notices. While all of these notices are public information, only exceptional outcomes (i.e., Inquiry Committee order, Discipline order, hearing outcome) and circumstances (i.e., discipline hearing) are highlighted in registrant newsletters.





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