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My Professional Plan is a simple, straightforward application. QA team members are available to nurses who are stuck, need help or just some advice.

Review the questions below and feel free to contact BCCNM if you don't find the information you're looking for.  

The process seems overwhelming. Where do I start?

Log in to your BCCNM account and go to the My Professional Plan application. There you are directed step by step through the process. If you are still unsure, contact our QA team who will be happy to help you. 

What needs to be completed during the 30 calendar days?

Multisource feedback has two parts—asking for feedback and completing a PD plan. Only the feedback part needs to be completed within your 30-day time frame, which starts once you renew your registration. You then have until Oct. 31 to develop and evaluate at least two learning goals using the PD plan in My Professional Plan.

Can I ask for an extension?

Yes, we can provide extensions for requesting colleague feedback until May 31 of you selected year. However, the Oct 31 deadline to complete your PD Plan is firm, and there are no extensions.

How do I request a deferral?

First time deferrals can be made online. Log in to your BCCNM account and scroll down to Online Services. Click on the Multisource Feedback Deferral link and follow the instructions to request a deferral.

Subsequent deferrals must be made by contacting the QA team at BCCNM directly—this request cannot be made online. Send an email to, listing:

  • First and last name
  • Email address 
  • Registration number 
  • Reason for the deferral request 
  • Phone number

Go here for more information.

I’m trying to enter my colleagues' emails but the system won’t let me.

​If your 30 days to collect feedback has expired (i.e. you missed the deadline), the system will not let you enter your colleagues' emails and send invitations. To see if your 30 days has expired, check the renewal completion email that BCCNM sent when you renewed.

Your deadline to collect feedback is 30 days from when this email was sent. If your 30 days has not expired and you still can't send your colleagues invitations, contact us right away and we will see what the problem is.

My colleagues have responded but I didn't get my report

Feedback reports will be ready the day after your 30 calendar day feedback period ends. If your colleagues have responded quickly, or you have the minimum three responses for a report, you will still need to wait until the end of your 30 days for the report to be created by our system.

Can you help me with my PD plan?

You can find additional information related to PD planning under the Getting started’ section on the BCCNM website.

You are welcome to use and include any PD activities you complete to meet employer or educational requirements in your PD plan. Any and all activities you undertake to improve your practice—be it self-directed or employer mandated—“count” as professional development. If there is anything you have already done as part of your employment (e.g., attended in-services or workshops, read any articles/journals), you could use that towards your goals and evaluate them right away, then you would be finished.

There are also a number of learning resources on the BCCNM website.

Still need help? Contact a member of the QA team, who will be happy to work with you to review your multisource feedback report and help you use it to identify PD goals and activities.

Are my learning goals appropriate?

Learning goals are completed in the current practice year; are relevant to nursing practice; and enhance your knowledge at a level above that required for entry to practice.

To help determine if your goal is appropriate ask yourself the following questions:

  • Does it help me meet a learning objective?
  • Does it help me improve my knowledge or support me in my practice?
  • Did I complete the goal during the current practice year?

Nurses learn in different ways; therefore, learning may be formal training courses or informal activities, group or individual activities, instructor-directed or self-directed activities.

  • Formal learning: refers to organized or structured education offered through courses, workshops, conferences, study days or employer-supported initiatives.
  • Informal learning: includes a variety of types of independent, self-initiated study or learning, usually in a non-classroom setting. Informal learning includes (but is not limited to) such activities as reading professional journal articles or books, reviewing relevant content on the internet, completing web modules, working through case studies, or researching a topic.
  • Behaviour Change: through gaining feedback from your colleagues you may have identified a professional behaviour that you want to work on as a goal. Do you talk to quickly? Should you take more time to teach others? Do you take initiative for your own learning? These are all areas that can be used as goal and your evaluation can include examples of how you tried to alter your behaviour and it’s effect on your practice.

    Example: Goal – I will slow down and talk clearly when communicating with my colleagues and patients. I will seek feedback from my colleagues after 1-2 months of implementing this goal.

    Example: Goal – I will make time to teach and share my knowledge when my colleagues/students are struggling with a task. I will check in with my colleagues half way through the year to see if they have found this helpful.

Check with other professional organizations or your employer to find activities relevant to your practice area.

How do I know if I'm finished?

The first step is to log into your BCCNM account and open My Professional Plan. Click on the PD Plan tab and open your current year’s plan.

You need to have evaluated at least two goals to meet your Multisource Feedback PD plan requirements.  

 If you’re unable to tell whether you’re finished, contact a member of the QA team and they can help.

I did not complete one of my goals. How can I evaluate it?

Sometimes nurses are unable to meet their PD goals—this is not necessarily a bad thing. Priorities change, as can workplaces, and personal circumstances. Goals can also be ongoing and take longer than a year to complete. You can still evaluate the learning that you have achieved even if the goal is not fully complete. Consider how the learning to date has affected your practice and if it has opened up new areas you may wish to use as a goal in the upcoming year. ​​


​​All practising registrants interested in QA support are encouraged to contact us