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Web learning modules offer you a convenient way to learn. They allow you to learn at your own pace at any time of day. The modules are segmented into topic areas, so you can either complete the modules in their entirety or select a single topic area to focus on. For added convenience, you can stop mid-way thr​ough the module and then later return to where you left off to continue your learning.


Professional boundaries in nursing practice

How comfortable and confident are you in recognizing, establishing and maintaining appropriate professional boundaries in your practice? Can you identify where a professional relationship ends and a personal relationship begins? Can you navigate ‘grey zones’?

This module tunnels down to the foundations that support therapeutic relationships and the potential slippery slope of boundary drifts, crossings and violations. Stories from nurses in variety of roles and practice contexts illustrate common boundary violations. Learn strategies on recognizing and preventing crossed boundaries.  

Full module»

​Mini modules

Common boundaries violations»
Directives for professional boundaries»​
Professional boundaries: A closer» 


Thinking tool​ (PDF)​
​​​Boundaries in the Nurse-Client Relationship​ learning resources
Professional boundaries workbook ​(PDF)

Clinical decision-making

Whether you’re an experienced nurse or newly-graduated, clinical decision-making skills are at the heart of any nursing practice. This self-paced module builds on your existing knowledge to strengthen your clinical decision-making skills.

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Mini modules

Clinical Decision-making: A Closer Look»
Defining Clinical Decision-making»​
Unpacking Clinical Decision-making: Frameworks»


Clinical decision-making workbook​ (PDF)

Clear and easily understood communication is essential to any type of nursing practice. When you communicate effectively, your clients are safer. This self-paced module provides you with skills to ensure all of your communication methods, whether they are verbal or written, meet your audience’s needs.

Full module»

Mini modules

Communications in Practice»
Considering Context in Effective Communication»
Effective Communication Key Element»
The Nature of Communication»​


Communications workbook​ (P​​​DF)​


Do you know what you need to document when you consult with other care providers? Or how much charting is enough? These are just a few of the types of questions we can help you answer with the Documentation in Nursing Practice learning module.

Full module»

Mini modules

Documentation: An Overview»
Approaches to Documentation»​
Characteristics of Effective Documentation»
Common Errors in Documentation»
Directives for Documentation»


Documentation learning resources​ 
Documentation workbook​ (PDF)

Jurisprudence for RN applicants

Jurisprudence is a legal term that refers to the study or knowledge of law. Nursing jurisprudence is law that relates specifically to nursing practice.  All nur​​ses should be familiar with the laws and legislation that affects their practice.​

This module examines how jurisprudence applies to a nurse's practice. The module takes about 1.5 hours to complete. There are several case studies, related resources and self-quizzes to help nurses learn about jurisprudence. The jurisprudence module is suitable for nurses at any stage of their nursing career.​

Full module»​


Jurisprudence workbook​ (PDF)

Understanding the medication practice standard ​  updated 

Exp​lore the basics of the Medication practice standard through this interactive resource, covering the basic concepts you need to understand to achieve safe nursing care when carrying out medication-related activities. We break it down into five sections: legislation & regulation; scope of practice and medications; medication-related activities; carrying out medication activities; and preventing medication errors. The module also includes opportunities for you to apply what you have learned. 

Time to complete—about 1 hour

Full module»


Medication learning resources​ ​

Privacy & confidentiality

Our Privacy & Confidentiality in Nursing Practice learning module is an essential tool for any nurse wanting to avoid the pitfalls of social media missteps. This self-paced module guides you through the issues related to privacy and confidentiality in nursing practice. 

Full module»

Mini Modules 

Directives for Privacy and Confidentiality​»
Special Considerations»
Challenges Related to Privacy and Confidentiality»


Privacy & confidentiality learning resources 
Privacy & confidentiality workbook​ (PDF)

Professional standards for RNs & NPs

The BCCNM Professional Standards for Registered Nurses and Nurse Practitioners are foundational to any nurse’s practice. In 2012 we updated the Professional Standards to reflect today’s nursing environment. This self-paced learning module takes you through the principles to help you apply them to your nursing practice.

Full module»

Mini Modules

Standard 1: Professional Responsiblity and Accountability»
​Standard 2: Knowledge-based Practice»
Standard 3: Client-focused Provision of Care» ​
Standard 4: Ethical Practice​»​


Professional standards workbook​ (PDF)
Professional Responsibility learning resources​ ​​

Understanding scope of practice

​When nursing came under the Health Professions Act (HPA) in 2005, many registered nurses wondered how provincial legislation affected their practice. The answer is that the HPA — through legislation —​ defines the scope of practice for RNs. ​

The Understanding Scope of Practice​ learning module provides information and tools to help you explore the scope of practice standards for registered nurses. It begins with an overview of legislation and regulation and how these affect the RN scope of practice. The module highlights restricted activities that are outlined in the regulation in order to increase your understanding of how these apply to your practice.

In addition, there are learning activities throughout the module that provide an in-depth exploration of the Scope of Practice Standards for RNs with a focus on:

  • Acting within autonomous scope of practice
  • Acting with client specific orders
  • Giving clients specific orders  

Your increased knowledge will enhance your understanding and ability to apply BCCNM's standards, limits and conditions related​​ to scope of practice as it pertains to your own practice setting and competence.

Full mo​​d​​ule

Underst​anding the scope of registered nurses' practice

Mini mo​​​dules

Acting within autonomous scope practice
Acting with client-specific orders
Basis for scope of practice
Giving client-specific orders


Scope of practice learning resources​ 
Understanding scope workbook​ (PDF) 


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