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Members of the BCCNM QA team are available to assist nurses with all aspects of quality assurance. They can support nurses in their self-assessment, help set PD goals, navigate feedback from colleagues—they are a resource for all nurses par​​ticipating in BCCNM’s QA program.

Advisors are available via email, and also offer telephone support.


What if circumstances out of my control affect my ability to meet the Standards, e.g., my practice environment?

You are accountable and responsible for providing the best care possible under the circumstances. In this situation, setting priorities, communicating and collaborating with others, and documenting the issues through your employer processes may be the best that you can do.

It's important to know that you may still be meeting the Standards of Practice, even in situations where you cannot deliver optimal client care. These situations are usually beyond an individual nurse's control and often require a systems level approach for resolution.

Do my answers to the self-assessment questionnaire affect my ability to renew my registration?

​The self-assessment questionnaire is a tool to assist you to reflect on your practice, relative to the Professional Standards, and identify opportunities for professional development. Your responses are for your personal use and will not impact your BCCNM status. We do ask that you take the time to carefully consider the questions and apply them in a meaningful way to your area of practice.

Does debriefing count as feedback required by the Quality Assurance program?

​Yes, provided confidentiality of client information is maintained, debriefing is an excellent way to get feedback on your practice. Feedback doesn't always have to be formal to be a benefit. We often wonder if how we acted in certain circumstances was OK, and feedback helps us assess and learn.