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Explanation of a​ctivities that are not restricted

Most activities that RPNs carry out are not defined as restricted activities within the Regulation (see the section outlined in red in the diagram above). The Regulation includes these activities in the broad scope of practice statement. They are fundamental to RPN practice, and many of these activities are complex.

Remember that the RPN scope of practice standard: Autonomous Scope of Practice and Client-specific Orders also apply to activities that are not restricted. The RPN scope of practice standards and related definitions of client-specific order, listed health professional and non-listed health professional can be found in Part 3. Some of the following BCCNM limits and conditions require an RPN to act with a client-specific order from a listed health professional.

Keep in mind that, before an RPN carries out an activity that is not restricted, the four controls on practice (Health Professions Act and the Regulation; BCCNM RPN stan​dards, limits and conditions; employer/organization policies; and individual RPN competence) must permit the activity. There are also many nursing activities that RPNs do not carry out because they do not fall within the scope of psychiatric nursing – such as carrying out cardiac stress tests.

Registrants who are unsure whether an activity is considered within RPN scope of practice should contact BCCNM.​

Remember the definition of psychiatric nursin​g:

Psychiatric nursing is the health pr​​ofession in w​hich a person provides the following services:

  • Health care for the promotion, maintenance and restoration of health, with a focus on psychosocial, mental or emotional health.

  • Prevention, treatment and palliation of illness and injury, with​ a focus on psychosocial, mental or emotional disorders and conditions and associated or comorbid physiological conditions, primarily by assessing health status, planning, implementing and evaluating interventions, and coordinating health services.

Registrants who have questions about RPN scope of practice should contact BCCNM.​​

Examples of activities that are not restricted

Limits and conditions on activities that are not restricted

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