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Secti​​on 6 of the Regulation lists restricted activities that do not require an order from a listed health professional. RPNs adhere to BCCNM RPN standards, limits and conditions including following the scope of practice standard Autonomous Scope of Practice and Client-specific Orders. The RPN scope of practice standards and related definitions of client-specific order, listed health professional and non-listed health professional can be found in Part 1​. Some of the following BCCNM limits and conditions require an RPN to act with a client-specific order from a listed health professional.​

List of restricted activities that do not require an order

Nursing diagnosis

Wound care



Instillation and injection

Tuberculosis screening

Assessing clients and treating conditions

Hazardous forms of energy

Issue an instruction or authorization for the application of energy​

Prescribing, compounding, dispensing, and administering medications​

Therapeutic diets

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