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Contraceptives coverage in B.C.: information for prescribers

Apr 4, 2023


As of April 1, 2023, BC PharmaCare covers the full cost of many contraceptives for all B.C. residents:

  • Oral contraceptives
  • IUDs - hormonal and copper
  • An implant
  • An injection
  • Emergency oral contraceptives (no prescription needed)

Nurses, nu​rse practitioners and midwives are encouraged to let people know about this coverage, and all prescribers are encouraged to prescribe a contraceptive that PharmaCare fully covers or help patients transition to one. Any B.C. resident, of any age, fully enrolled in MSP, is eligible. The prescription can be for reasons other than contraception, such as to prevent osteoporosis.

There are no forms to fill out. Prescribers prescribe, and people simply present the prescription at a pharmacy with their BC Services Card/Personal Health Number.

Information for Certified Practice nurses

BCCNM in September 2022 approved new scope of practice limits and conditions for RN Certified Practice that will enable RN(C)s to prescribe; however, other requirements must still be put in place before this can happen, and at this time, Certified Practice nurses are not authorized to prescribe. RN(C)s are still authorized to administer and dispense medications according to the decision support tools for their certified practice and ​using current processes established by their employer(s). BCCNM will provide updates over the coming months on this project.

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