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2024-25 fees: Nurse practitioners

Dec 6, 2023

​The BCCNM Board recently approved fees for the 2024-25 registration year. A summary of fee changes is provided below; check the fees page for a full list of fees for nurse practitioners (NPs). 

In 2024-25, practicing NPs will pay $967.25 in BCCNM registration fees. The non-practising registrant fee will be $124.10. This is an increase of 12%.  

Practising registrants will also pay for CNPS professional liability protection and Nurses and Nurse Practitioners of BC a(ssociation) membership (optional) during registration renewal.

Why are fees increasing?

Who determines BCCNM fees?
BCCNM fee decisions are made by the BCCNM Board, who work with college leadership to use its resources wisely and ensure that BCCNM is able to effectively meet its mandate.
What do BCCNM registration fees pay for?
Registrant fees fund the work of the college in fulfilling its mandate to protect the public. Our core work includes:
  • ​​Scope of practice and standards: We determine the scope, professional standards and practice standards. To meet changes in the health-care landscape, existing standards must be reviewed and updated regularly, and new standards developed. 
  • Education program review and recognition: We review and recognize education programs in BC to ensure new graduates can practise safely, competently, and ethically. 
  • Registration: We establish the requirements for registration and assess applicants to determine if they meet those requirements.  
  • Continued competence: We maintain a quality assurance program that promotes continued competence throughout the career of a nursing professional or midwife.
  • Investigating complaints: We investigate and take action to resolve complaints related to registrant practice.