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​​​​The licensed practical nurse applies appropriate knowledge, skills, judgment and attitudes consistently in nursing practice.


  1. Bases nursing practice on current evidence from nursing science, other sciences and the humanities.
  2. Knows how and where to access information to support and provide safe, competent and ethical nursing practice and care for clients.
  3. Uses critical thinking when collecting and interpreting data, planning, implementing and evaluating nursing care.
  4. Collects information on client status and care needs from a variety of sources using assessment skills and a review of pertinent clinical data.
  5. Identifies, analyzes and uses relevant decision support tools and data when making decisions about client status and care requirements.
  6. Docum​ents client assessments, care needs, planned interventions and outcomes in a timely manner.
  7. Communicates client status to other members of the health care team as appropriate.
  8. Evaluates client responses to care and revises the plan of care as necessary.
  9. Responds and adapts to changes in the practice environment.
  10. Shares nursing knowledge with clients, colleagues, students and others.
  11. Communicates professionally in interactions with clients, colleagues, students and others.

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