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Professional Standards

For licensed practical nurses

The professional standards reflect the values of the nursing profession, clarify what the profession expects of licensed practical nurses, and represent the criteria that BCCNM uses to measure LPN practice in BC.  

The Professional Standards include an introduction that explains what standards are, why they are important and who has responsibility for them. It also defines Professional Standards and Indicators (i.e., how each Professional Standard is met).

The section on Professional Standards presents each of the four standards.

The Standards

Download the full Professional Standards (PDF)


​​​​Standard 1: Responsibility and accountability

Standard 2: Competency-based practice

Standard 3: Client-focused provision of service

Standard 4: Ethical practice

​ Each standard has a series of indicators attached to it. The indicators provide specific criteria that are used to measure the actual performance of an individual LPN.​​​​​

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