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​The ​​licensed practical nurse provides nursing services and works with others in the best interest of clients.


  1. Makes the client the primary focus when providing nursing care.
  2. Involves clients in identifying and prioritizing their own health goals and learning needs.
  3. Supports clients to learn about the health care system and to access appropriate health care services.
  4. Understands and communicates the contribution of nursing to the health of clients.
  5. Communicates, collaborates and consults with clients and other members of the health care team about client care.
  6. Coordinates and facilitates continuity of care services for the client.
  7. Supervises, leads and assigns appropriately to other members of the health care team.
  8. Supports and guides other members of the health care team to meet client care needs.
  9. Participates in and advocates for changes that improve client care and nursing practice.
  10. Recognizes and reports the incompetent or impaired practice or unethical conduct of another health professional to the appropriate person or body.

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