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B.C. graduates

The application process for a new graduate of a BCCNM-recognized nurse practitioner education program in British Columbia

How to apply 


Submitting your ​application

Return the completed application package to BCCNM by:

Please note: Certified Passport-sized photos must be mailed to the BCCNM office at least two months prior to the OSCE date to be used on the OSCE identification badge.

Paying fees

Please see the Payment form on the last page of the application package for information about fees. Once your application has been processed you will receive an email with a link to pay the application (and OSCE) fees. Please refer to the fees page​

OSCE dates

Upcoming exam writing dates


Carefully read and complete all of the instructions. Delays in processing your application can result if you submit incorrect or incomplete forms and documents.​

Provisional Nurse Practitioner (NP) Registration

B.C. NP gradua​​tes are eligible to apply for provisional NP registration, which enables you to work as an NP (with conditions) in B.C. prior to passing the written exam and OSCE. This provisional NP registration is granted for a specific employer. If you decide to switch NP employers or wish to add a second employer an updated application for provisional NP registration is required. 

As a provisional NP, you are not eligible to independently prescribe medications nor order diagnostic tests. Your practice must be monitored by a BC-registered NP or Physician. Learn more a​bout provisional registration conditions an​​d monitoring requirements. 

Please note: Applying for provisional registration is only required if you plan to practise as a provisional NP prior to passing the exam and obtaining full BCCNM registration. As a provisional  (or practising) NP, you are authorized to continue practising as an RN. You must work within the applicable scope and use the appropriate title for the position you are hired in.​​


​If you are not currently registered as an RN ​with BCCNM, you will need to apply. Your RN and NP application can be submitted at the same time.

 Resources for new NPs

*Examples of diseases, disorders and conditions commonly managed by an entry-level NP are now an appendix in Applying the Competencies.