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NPs Registered in Canada

The application process for NPs already registered in a Canadian province or territory.

All NP applicants should carefully read BCCNM's Scope of Practice for Nurse Practitioners: Standards, Limits and Conditions.


To be eligible for NP registration in B.C., you must have:

  • Current RN registration or established eligibility for RN registration with BCCNM. An RN application and NP application can be submitted concurrently.

  • ​​Graduated from a B.C. recognized NP program or graduated from an NP program equivalent to a Master's level nursing education program that prepares graduates with the competencies to practise as described in the Competencies Required for Nurse Practitioners in British Columbia. BCCNM accepts all Canadian NP programs recognized in the province where they are located as equivalent to a B.C. NP program.

  • Successfully completed a recognize​d written examination​ and objective structured clinical examination (OSCE). See Exams​.

  • Met the minimum practice hour requirement.​​​

The minimum hour requirement can be met through having completed one of the following in the past three years:

  • Graduated from a B.C. recognized NP education program or equivalent; 

  • Engaged in the practice of nursing as an NP for a minimum of 900 hours in the stream in which you are seeking registration as set out in the BCCNM Scope of Practice for Nurse Practitioners Standards, Limits and Conditions; or 

  • Completed a clinical directed study through a B.C.-recognized NP program.

Download NP Application Package

If you meet the above eligibility requirements, you may submit your NP application package. If you have any concerns about meeting the requirements, please contact us at to discuss your eligibility prior to applying.

Submitting your application

Return the completed application package to BCCNM by:

Please note: Passport photos must be mailed or submitted in ​person.

Paying fees

Fees can be paid by credit card; for more information, please see the payment form​ on the last page of the application package.


Carefully read and complete all the instructions. Delays in processing your application can result if you submit incorrect or incomplete forms and documents.



If you have questions about your NP application, please contact BCCNM Registration at​​​