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Certified practice

BCCNM registers RNs in the following practice areas: Remote Nursing, RN First Call, Sexually Transmitted Infections, Contraceptive Management.


Certified practice areas

Certified practices are restricted activities that can only be performed by nurse practitioners and registered nurses who have been certified by BCCNM. Certified practice is offered in the following areas:

  • RN first call
  • Remote nursing (nurses certified in remote nursing must also be certified in reproductive health certified practice: sexually transmitted infections and contraceptive management).
  • Sexually transmitted infections - reproductive health
  • Contraceptive management - reproductive health

Initial registration

To be eligible for BCCNM-certified practice designation , either coursework or practice experience will be considered. Learn more about recognized certified practice courses​.​ Your options will depend on your current registration status. ​​
I am a registered nurse practising in British Columbia
I am a registered nurse practising in another Canadian jurisdiction​
Option 1: Coursework

  • If you have never worked in the certified practice area, you must successfully complete a BCCNM-recognized education program/course (including an exit evaluation).
Option 2: Practice experience​

  • If you have worked in the certified practice area, complete and submit the application for certified practice registration and have your employer complete the appropriate employer reference form: Remote certified practice​, reproductive health, or RN first call​
  • If approved, you will be sent an email confirming your eligibility to challenge the exit evaluation. Present the email to the appropriate BCCNM-recognized course and arrange to complete the exit evaluation.
  • Upon successful completion of the exit evaluation, apply using the application form for certified practice registration​

Renewing and maintaining eligibility​

​​To maintain your certified practice designation, you must:

  • Have practiced in the certified practice area in the previous three-year period
  • Include at least one example related to certified practice in your self-assessment and in your professional development plan.
  • Renew your certified practice​ annually

Re-applying for certified practice

If you don't meet the Quality Assurance requirements you will not be eligible for certified practice designation. To be eligible again, you will need to complete a recognized education program/course​.​​​​


​Please visit the Fees page for updated fees under "initial application fees". ​

 Application forms