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Internationally-educated nurses

All internationally-educated nurses (IEN) applicants must meet the mandatory requirements to be eligible for registration.

Can you apply?

To start a BCCNM application, you must firs​t apply to the National Nursing Assessment Service (NN​AS).

After the NNAS reviews your application, you'll need the following to apply to BCCNM:

  1. NNAS registration number AND an NNAS application number

  2. An NNAS advisory report

  3. Your payment information


  1. All applicants must meet BCCNM's English requirements. If you have completed the NNAS process, you may still need to provide us with English fluency test results. See BCCNM's English flu​ency​ requirements.
  2. Most internationally-educated nurses are directed to the Nursing Competency Assessment Service (NCAS) which measures an applicant's entry-level competencies as compared to a new Canadian graduate. All applicants must demonstrate entry-level competencies, including those who have engaged in specialized practice.
  3. All documents written in a language other than English are required to be translated by a professional translator showing their signature and seal and must be submitted with a copy of the original document. All documents (verifications, references, transcripts, etc.) must come directly from the translation service to BCCNM. The only exception is an ID document which can be submitted with translation by the applicant.​

You're ready to apply

If you have met all three of the above application requirements, you're ready to apply for BCCNM registration. 

Please allow 3–5 days after you receive your NNAS report before applying for registration.

Choose one option:

We will send you a confirmation email after you successfully submit your BCCNM application and payment.​​

 English proficiency requirement

​Learn more about BCCNM's English proficiency requirement​ and how to meet it. 

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