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Who needs to take the REx-PN 

​You must take the REx-PN if:
  • You are a new graduate of a B.C. practical nursing program who wants to practice in B.C.
  • You are a new graduate of a practical nursing program elsewhere in Canada who had never held practising registration, and want to practice in B.C.
  • You are in internationally-educated nurse who has never held practising registration in Canada and want to practice in B.C. 
  • If directed by the Registration Committee.
You do not need to take the REx-PN if:
  • You are currently registered as a licensed practical nurse (or equivalent) in another Canadian province and want to practice in B.C. Learn how to apply​.

How to apply 

1. Apply for practising LPN registration (and accommodations if required)
The first step is to create a BCCNM account. Upon completion of your nursing program (if applicable), sign in​to your BCCNM account and apply for practising LPN registration and pay the application fee. Learn how to apply​.

As part of your application assessment, we will also assess your eligibility to write the REx-PN. You will be asked about any accommodation requests for writing the exam on the LPN practising registration application. Learn more about exam accommodations.
2. Register and pay for the exam
If you are assessed as eligible to take the REx-PN, you will receive an email from BCCNM Registration Services with instructions to register and pay for the exam through the Pearson Vue website. 
3. Wait for authorization to test
After you register and pay for the exam, Pearson Vue will send you an email confirming your authorization to test (ATT) and instructions on how to schedule your exam date, time, and location. Your ATT is valid for 90 days; you must take the exam within the validity period or your exam registration with Pearson Vue will be cancelled. The fee is non-refundable.
4. Schedule your exam date and location
Follow the instructions from Pearson Vue to schedule your exam date and location. The date and location that you take the exam will depend on your personal preference and the availability ​​​of testing centres. We encourage you to schedule your exam as soon as possible to secure your chosen date and location.
5. Wait for scheduling confirmation
After scheduling your exam, Pearson Vue will send you a confirmation email that includes all the information you need for the exam day.

Exam format

The REx-PN uses a computer-adaptive test (CAT) format. The test will adapt questions to your ability level as you proceed through the exam. Learn more about CAT testing


​​​​The fee to write the REx-PN is $350+GST per attempt. This fee is paid directly to Pearson Vue and is non-refundable. This is in addition to BCCNM application and registration fees.

Locations and dates

 The REx-PN is available year-round in some locations, and on ​specific dates in others. If you would like to write your exam at a temporary testing location, be sure to time the submission of your application to ensure that your ATT period will overlap with the dates of the chosen test centre below. 

2023 exam locations and dates​
Available dates
Feb. 8–17, 2023
June 8–21, 2023
June 13–19, 2023
Prince George
July 18–27​, 2023

​Preparing for the REx-PN

The following materials are available to help you prepare for the REx-PN. If the information you are looking for isn't included in the materials below, check the REx-PN frequently-asked questions page, or the NCSBN REx-PN FAQs​:

​​Test plan​
The REx-PN test plan provides an​ overview of what information will be tested, the type of questions you will be asked to answer, and some sample questions. It is designed to help you prepare for the exam, and is the same guide used by the individuals who write and review exam questions. The Test Plan gives you details about the eight content areas covered on the exam, which are based on client needs, as follows:

  • Management of care
  • Safety and infection control
  • Health promotion and maintenance
  • Psychosocial integrity
  • Basic care and comfort
  • Pharmacological and parenteral therapies
  • Reduction of risk potential
  • Physiological adaptation
​REx-PN Candidate Tutorial

The REx-PN Candidate Tutorial will provide you with instructions on how to answer the different REx-PN item types that you will see during the REx-PN examination. You will be given practice items to familiarize yourself with each item type.

​REx-PN practice exam 

The REx-PN practice exam​ will provide an exam similar to the one you will take on test day. For $150 USD, you will receive two practice exams of 80 questions, available for a one-time use within 45 days from the date of purchase. The exams must be completed in one sitting. After you complete the exam, you will receive a score report with the percentage of questions answered correctly. Purchase the REx-PN practice exam or learn more.

​REx-PN Candidate Bulletin

The REx-PN Candidate Bulletin​ is a start-to-finish REx-PN guide, including important contact information, how to register with Pearson Vue, and exam rules. Reminder: You will receive an email from BCCNM with instructions on how to register once you are eligible to write the exam.

Information about computerized-adaptive testing (CAT)

Watch this video for more information

REx-PN Using CAT from NCSBN on Vimeo.​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​

​Third-party prep materials
Your nursing education and resources like the test plan and practice exam will help you prepare for the REx-PN. We are aware of some third-party prep courses being developed. While it is your choice to determine if you will find these prep courses or materials useful, here is what you need to know:

  • BCCNM does not review third-party prep courses and cannot endorse them.
  • No third party has access to the REx-PN question bank. Be wary of any party claiming to have access.
  • If you choose to use third-party prep materials, seek out credible sources.

Exam results

If you pass
We will notify you of your exam results and any other requirements for registration. If you have met all requirements and have provisional registration, your provisional registration will automatically be converted to practising registered nurse registration.

If you do not have provisional registration, you'll be emailed information about how to complete your registration.
If you fail
You'll be emailed an initial notification of only your exam result. Within two weeks, you'll be emailed your candidate report. You must wait a minimum of 60 days before registering to retake the exam.

If you have provisional registration: You can continue practising as a provisional registrant if you fail the exam on your first attempt. If you fail the exam a second time, your provisional registration will expire six to eight weeks after notification of your second failure. Learn more.

There is no limit to the number of times you can write the REx-PN, as long as you have a valid BCCNM application. If your application expires, your file will be closed. If you wish to reapply for registration, you'll need to submit a new application and new supporting documents and your application will be reassessed. To update your application before the expiry date, please contact BCCNM Registration at​. ​