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Lord, Coralee, RN

Discipline order

Nov 25, 2020

​Flowing from its August 25, 2020 Order, the Discipline Panel requested written submissions from the College and from Ms. Lord with respect to penalty and costs. After considering these submissions, the Discipline Panel ordered that:

  • Ms. Lord is suspended for a period of 4 months (which may be reduced to 3 months if ordered coursework is completed within the period ordered)
  • Ms. Lord is reprimanded
  • Ms. Lord, following her suspension, will be subject to 6 months of limits and conditions on her registration, including:
    • not being permitted to work as the sole Registered Nurse on duty or the nurse in charge, or to have oversight of other staff or students
    • only to work in an area where there is direct supervision by another Registered Nurse, Supervisor, or physician
    • complete a number of remedial education courses, and
    • participate in a regulatory practice consultation process
  • Ms. Lord will pay costs to BCCNM in the amount of $7,359.07 within one year

In its reasons, Discipline Panel found the nature of Ms. Lord's conduct with respect to threatening statements and conduct towards and about her supervisor and buying alcohol for a patient diagnosed with alcohol dependency together with failing to document that to be serious, favouring a more serious penalty.