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Perry, Paul, Former NP

Discipline order

Jul 13, 2021

Following the issuance of the March 4, 2021 Discipline order, the Discipline Panel set a schedule for written submission from the College and from Mr. Perry with respect to penalty and costs. After deliberation, the Discipline Panel ordered that:

  • Mr. Perry's registration would be cancelled and that he would be prohibited from reapplying for registration as a Nurse Practitioner or as a Registered Nurse for a minimum of 5 years at which time he would be required to meet all registration standards to ensure competence, fitness, and good character.

  • Mr. Perry is ordered to pay costs to BCCNM  in the amount of  $24,268.68 within one year of this order.

In its reasons, the Discipline Panel sta​​ted that in assessing the seriousness of Mr. Perry's misconduct that his professional misconduct, incompetent practice, and failure to comply with the standards “were remarkable in its scope and seriousness".

Further, the Discipline Panel also made a declaration that Mr. Perry was ungovernable given the repeated instances of professional misconduct and his disregards for obligations he was bound by in a voluntary interim undertaking and a consent agreement.

Read the full Reasons for Decision on Penalty and Costs HERE.

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