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Reyes-Ricafrente, Rachel, RN

Consent agreement

Jul 27, 2021

On July 27, 2021 a panel of the Inquiry Committee approved a Consent Agreement between BCCNM and Rachel Reyes-Ricafrente of Surrey, B.C., to address practice issues that occurred between August 8 and September 2, 2020, related to their conduct while working as the RN In Charge. Ms. Reyes-Ricafrente directed a staff member to access antibiotics from the facility contingency supply for personal use, sent a confidential nursing report through a personal cell phone using an unsecure network, did not review a resident's chart or nursing care plan prior to inserting an indwelling catheter, directed an LPN to administer a medication inconsistent with the physici​an's order, and after intentionally administering an excessive dose of hydromorphone to a resident, the Registrant did not advise the primary care nurse or the physician how much hydromorphone she had administered and did not accurately reflect her actions in the clinical record.

The Registrant has voluntarily agreed to terms equivalent to a limit and/or condition on their practice, including:

​a)A limit prohibiting them from working as the RN In Charge, working as the sole RN on duty in the facility, overseeing student activities, or participating in the workplace orientation of another staff member.
b)Remedial education in Medication Administration, Communications, Controlled Drugs and Substances, Professional Standards, and Understanding RN Scope of Practice.
c)Direct/indirect supervision of their nursing practice for six months.
d)Developing a Learning Plan which will be shared with their workplace supervisor, the BCCNM Regulated Practice Consultant, and with the BCCNM Monitor.
e)A Regulatory Practice Consultation to address the foundational issues underpinning this Agreement.

The Inquiry Committee is satisfied that the terms will protect the public.​