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Turner, Joyce, Former LPN

Consent agreement

Aug 10, 2021

​On August 10, 2021, a panel of the Inquiry Committee approved a Consent Agreement between BCCNM and Joyce Turner of Lethbridge, Alberta, to address issues that occurred between 2018-2020 related to Ms. Turner's management of specific and systemic issues at Joseph Creek Care Village, located in Cranbrook, B.C., that were necessary to protect vulnerable female residents from the unwanted sexual advances, aggression, and assaults by a male resident with a known history of sexual misconduct, who himself was vulnerable resident with unmet care needs.

Ms. Turner was the Regional Manager for Golden Life Management, and her role was administrative in nature, providing off-site service to several independent, assisted living and long­ term care facilities in British Columbia, including the Joseph Creek Care Village.

​Numerous incidents of sexual misconduct perpetrated against cognitively impaired and/or otherwise vulnerable women were documented by front line staff about the male resident in question and were serious in nature so that the Director of Care, Community Manager, mental health, and the police were involved in several instances. BCCNM was not satisfied that Ms. Turner, in her administrative role, took steps to verify that the incidents were reported, to report the incidents herself to Community Care Facilities Licensing, or to address the risk of harm to vulnerable female residents in a meaningful and substantive manner, which in BCCNM's view left female residents in her care vulnerable to sexual predation​.

Ms. Turner has agreed to the cancellation of her nursing registration and to a prohibition on reapplication for a period of three years. She will be unable to work as a licensed practical nurse in British Columbia for a minimum period of three years. Should she reapply for practicing registration at the end of the three-year t erm, she will have to satisfy the requirements of competence, fitness, and good character as assessed by the Registration Committee.

The Inquiry Committee is satisfied that these terms will protect the public.