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Name withheld, RN

Consent agreement

Aug 15, 2021

On August 15, 2021, a panel of the Inquiry Committee approved a Consent Agreement between BCCNM and the Former Registrant wherein the Former Registrant agreed to a suspension ofpractising registration upon reinstatement, and Conditions and Limits on their nursing practice to ensure their fitness to practice. This agreement is to address the Former Registrant's significant narcotics diversion and impairment in the workplace over roughly a three-monthperiod in 2019. Patient care records were altered to obscure the diversion and impairment. The Former Registrant also diverted medications directly from patients leaving them in pain on at least one occasion. The Former Registrant was diagnosed with and admitted to a disability with a causal relationship to the misconduct and completed treatment. A physician specializing in addiction medicine provided recommendations for a safe return to nursing practise.

The Former Registrant must be assessed as meeting the registration requirements of character, competence and fitness to regain nursing registration. Should that occur, the terms of the Consent Agreement include, but are not limited to: submitting to BCCNM an updated independent medical examination commenting on their fitness to return to nursing practise, a suspension of registration for two months immediately following reinstatement of practising registration, a restriction from working overtime and a restriction from working nights for a term; a limit on practice preventing the Former Registrant from acting in a supervisory capacity, a limit on practice preventing the Former Registrant from being the sole regulated nurse on duty on the ward, a limit precluding access to narcotics, benzodiazepines, controlled substances and atypical sedatives (also known as the “zed" class of drugs) for a lengthy term; and regular reports from a medical monitoring agency regarding compliance with treatment recommendation and disclosure to the employer. The Agreement will remain in place for a minimum of four years of nursing practice.

The name of the Former Registrant has been withheld in accordance with section 39.3 (4) (a) of the Health Professions Act for the purposes of not identifying the personal health information of the Registrant respecting the condition. The Inquiry Committee is satisfied that the undertakings will protect the public.​