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Saran, Jatinderjit , LPN

Consent agreement

Sep 3, 2021

​On September 3, 2021 a panel of the Inquiry Committee approved a Consent Agreement between BCCNM and Jatinderjit (Rosey) Saran of Surrey, B.C., to remediate practice issues that occurred between January 2018 and March 2020 related to the failure to assess, medicate, and document accurately on deteriorating patients, communicate effectively and provide timely assistance to colleagues, assess and administer bronchodilators and diuretics as ordered for patients with deteriorating respiratory status, and the failure to carry a restraint safety key while transferring a patient in restraints to another part of the facility.

The Registrant has voluntarily agreed to terms equivalent to a condition on practice including educational coursework, a Regulated Practice Consultation, a Learning Plan, a period of ongoing assessment in the workplace, and a 12-month period of limits and conditions on practice to include a dedicated assessor present in the facility, not permitted to work as the sole nurse on duty, and a practice limited to sub-acute areas only.

The Inquiry Committee is satisfied that the terms will protect the public.