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Name withheld, RN

Consent agreement

Oct 15, 2021

​On October 15, 2021, a panel of the Inquiry Committee approved a Consent Agreement to address the Registrant's pattern of clinical practice and decision-making deficits in a Home Care Nurse role in November 2019. Health information with a causal relationship to the practice deficits was provided to BCCNM.

With regard to health challenges, the Registrant has agreed to undertakings involving a commitment to self-regulation and maintaining fitness to practice; limits on practice for a period of time in​cluding not to work as the sole RN, not to work nights, and not to provide regulatory supervision or orientate new staff; and to undergo a BCCNM Regulatory Practice Consultation.

With regard to conduct and competency concerns, the Registrant has agreed to complete a period of enhanced orientation and mentorship prior to beginning to provide independent patient care; develop and engage in a learning plan with the employer; and complete remedial education related to assessments, critical thinking, communication, documentation and medications.​

The Agreement will remain in place for a minimum of two years of continuous full-time practice.

 The name of the Registrant has been withheld in accordance with section 39.3 (4) (a) of the Health Professions Act for the purposes of not identifying the personal health information of the Registrant respecting the condition.  The Inquiry Committee is satisfied that the undertakings will protect the public.