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Featherling, Lynda, RPN

Consent order

Feb 3, 2022


On February 3, 2022, a panel of the Inquiry Committee approved a Consent Order between BC​​CNM and Lynda Featherling, of Cranbrook, BC, to address practice issues that occurred during January to April 2020 while Ms. Featherling was working as a Registered Psychiatric Nurse at the Kootenay Street Village in the long-term residential care facility. 

The impugned conduct involves two incidents where Ms. Featherling shouted at​​ and roughly handled a resident contrary to their behavioural management plan and shouted at another resident who had a fall and was being assisted back to bed. Ms. Featherling's nursing practice gave rise to competence concerns with regard to documentation, medication administration, professional responsibility and accountability, knowledge-based practice, client-focused provision of service, and ethical practice. 

The Registrant has volun​​tarily agreed to the cancellation of her nursing registration and has agreed not to reapply for registration as a registered psychiatric nurse for a minimum of five years.  

The Inquiry Committe​e is satisfied that the terms will protect the public.