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Christie, James, LPN

Discipline order

Aug 11, 2022

Updated Jan. 27, ​​​2023

​Following the issuance of the Aug. 11, 2022, Determination of the Discipline Committee, the Disciplin​​e Panel set a schedule for written submissions from the College and from Mr. Christie with respect to penalty and costs. After deliberation, the Discipline Panel ordered that: 

  • Mr. Christie's registration is cancelled;
  • Mr. Christie is not eligible to apply for reinstatement of registration for a period of five years, at which time he would be required to meet all fitness, competency, and character requirements; and
  • Mr. Christie must pay BCCNM costs in the amount of $2,821.45.

​Read the full Reasons for Decision on Penalty and Costs here​.

Inquiry should ​be directed to