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Pangburn, Allen, RN

Hearing decision

Jun 21, 2022

​Following the issuance of the January 7, 2022 Discipline order, the Discipline Panel set a schedule for written submission from the College and from Mr. Pangburn with respect to penalty and costs. After deliberation, the Discipline Panel ordered that:

  • Mr. Pangburn is reprimanded;
  • Upon Mr. Pangburn's successful reapplication for practising registration, wherein he would be responsible for meeting all requirements of fitness, competence, and good character, his registration will be suspended for 4 months;
  • Upon a potential return to nursing practice, Mr. Pangburn must complete remedial education related to ethics, care and management of deteriorating patients, and communication. Mr. Pangburn must draft a learning plan, and must identify a supervisor in his new practice environment.
  • Upon a potential return to nursing practice, Mr. Pangburn will be  prohibited from working overtime for 6 months, must not work in a critical care environment for 12 months, must not be the sole RN on duty for 12 months, and must not provide regulatory oversight to nursing students or orient new staff for a period of 12 months, and to work in an area where they can be supervised for 4 months.
  • Mr. Pangburn must also pay BCCNM costs in the amount of $15,214.04.

Read the full Reasons for Decision on Penalty and Costs HERE.

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