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Bertram, Heather, RN

Consent agreement

Dec 14, 2022

On December 14, 2022 a panel of the Inquiry Committee approved a Consent Agreement between BCCNM and Heather Bertram of Burnaby, B.C.​​, to address practice issues that occurred on April 16, 2022, related to her engagement with a family in a manner that lacked compassion, and that undermined the family's ability to support the death of their loved one.

The Registrant has voluntarily agreed to terms equivalent to a limit and/or condition on their practice, including:

  1. A suspension of their nursing registration for 2 days;

  2. A Public Reprimand; and

  3. A regulatory practice consultation program to address the foundational issues underpinning this Agreement.

The Inquiry Committee is satisfied that the terms will protect the public.