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Ghilinta, Catalin, Former LPN

Consent agreement

Apr 7, 2023

​On April 7, 2023,  a panel of the Inquiry Committee approved a Consent Agreement between BCCNM and Catalin Ghilinta of Coquitlam, B.C. On Nov. 15, 2021, Mr. Ghilinta did not adhere to high-alert medication pol​​icy and practice standards resulting in a life-threatening medication error, namely, the methadone overdose of a patient. Once aware, Mr. Ghilinta failed to report the error. He created erroneous documentation in the medical record of two patients and provided false or misleading statements to investigators during the employer's investigation of this serious patient safety event. When colleagues sought assistance with the patient in distress, Mr. Ghilinta did not acknowledge the presentation of an opioid overdose and did not provide emergent intervention to the affected patient. A colleague advocated for the patient, resulting in life-saving treatment by emergency services. In addition, Mr. Ghilinta acted outside the LPN scope of practice when he performed a rectal examination and fecal disimpaction on one patient. 

BCCNM​​ recognizes that human error occurs and promotes a nursing culture in which registrants are encouraged to report errors and act immediately. The rights of medication administration are designed to mitigate human errors and must be adhered to for this reason. Although BCCNM appreciates registrant fear in the face of a serious medication error, failing to disclose the error and immediately take action to ensure patient safety falls toward the most serious end of registrant misconduct given the potential of life-altering harm for patients. Sanctions such as suspensions are designed to emphasize that early reporting and immediate action are mandatory when medication errors occur. 

The Former Registrant voluntarily relinquished his registration at the conclusion of investigation. The Inquiry Committee initially sought a lengthy suspension and subsequent limits on practice and remedial terms; in lieu of suspension, BCCNM accepts the Former Registrant's voluntary cancellation of registration as satisfactory to protect the public.​