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Tarasevich, Tatsiana, RN

Discipline order

Sep 7, 2023

Following a section 39.1 proceeding under the Health Professions Act to determine what action, if any, the Discipline Committee should take following another regulatory college's findings regarding Tatsiana Tarasevich, the Discipline Committee determined that Tatsiana Tarasevich committed an act that constituted unprofessional conduct while a registrant with the College of Registered Nurses of Alberta of failing to practice within her proper scope of practice when she:

​​Administered Dysport to a patient without a patient-specific order from an authorized prescriber and without first ensuring that the patient was assessed by a physician or other authorized prescriber prior to ​administering the Dysport,;
​Administered injectable neuromodulates and/or dermal fillers to one or more patients without appropriate emergency support;
​Failed to obtain or adequately document informed consent, and

​​Failed to adequately docum​​e​​nt or contemporaneously. 

The Discipline Committee ordered that: 

For one year Tatsiana Tarasevich provide the BCCNM Monitor with a​ notification letter from​ her supervisor at any current, new, or prospective employer that confirms:
​The supervisor's contact information and role;
​The supervisor has received and reviewed copies of the signed Disciplinary Complaint Resolution Agreement with the College of Registered Nurses of Alberta  and the Panel's s. 39.1 decision; and
​The supervisor agrees to immediately report any concerns regarding her practice to the BCCNM; and
Within 60 days of the decision, Tatsiana Tarasevich provide a written declaration to the BCCNM Monitor confirming that she has:
​Reviewed the BCCNM Standards of Practice and Professional Standards;
b.​​Reviewed the BCCNM learning resource on Medical Aesthetics; and

​Successfully completed the BCCNM Learning Modules on Understanding the Medication Practice Standard, Understan​ding Scope of Practice, and Documentation.

​Read the full Decision here

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