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Mahon, Nicole, RPN

Consent agreement

Oct 13, 2023

On  Oct. 13, 2023, a panel of the Inquiry Committee approved a Consent Agreement between BCCNM and Nicole Mahon of Kelowna to address practice issues that occurred between Oct. 2021 and March 2022 related to patient care concerns and for her failure to fully meet the terms of a previous Consent Agreement.

​​The Registrant has voluntarily agreed to terms equivalent to a limit and/or condition on their practice, including: 

  1. The Registrant agrees to a public reprimand resulting from their failure to meet the terms of the previous Consent Agreement;
  2. A condition requiring the completion of Workplace Sensitivity Training prior to a return to practice;
  3. A limit prohibiting them from being the sole RPN on duty, supervising students, or being in charge;
  4. A limit requiring direct and indirect supervision of their nursing practice (per a Supervision Agreement);
  5. Developing and working with a learning plan, which will be used in tandem with the Supervision Agreement; and
  6. ​Remedial education in Professional Standards and Therapeutic Relationships for Mental Health Nursing. 

The Inquiry Committee is satisfied that the terms will protect the public.