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Nabuurs, Erika, n/a

Public advisory

Feb 22, 2024

BCCNM received reports that Erika Nabuurs of the Comox Valley area has held herself out as a birth attendant in British Columbia and may be offering midwifery services and performing restricted activities as set out in the Midwives Regulation, without being permitted to do so.

Erika Nabuurs has never been and is not a registrant of BCCNM and is not entitled to practice as a midwife in British Columbia.

More information on unauthorized practice of midwifery can be found here: PUBLIC ADVISORY: Unauthorized practice of midwifery

​​Verifying registration status

BCCNM encourages the public to verify the registration status for any individual who holds themselves out as a midwife via the midwife verification on the BCCNM website or by directing an inquiry to the BCCNM Registration department (midwives and nurses).

Nurse and midwife registration verification ensures that only those qualified with the requisite skills and education to be nurses and midwives are employed or practicing in nursing and midwifery positions in British Columbia.