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Method of payment & receipts

​BCCNM accepts the following methods of payment: 

Tax receipts

Tax receipts are available in January of the following year in your BCCNM account, and will reflect the total annual amount you paid for registration and any refunds (if applicable) received during the year. Receipts for previous years are available anytime.​​​​ View your tax receipts​​. ​

Frequently asked questions

What is Google Pay?
Google Pay is a method of payment connected to your google account that enables you to pay by credit card, Visa debit or Interac debit. The Google Pay app (Google Wallet) is available on most devices, including iPhone and iPad. Learn more about Google Pay.
How do I use Google Pay?
Can I use Google Pay to pay by Visa debit or Interac debit?
Yes, as long as your bank supports the use of Google Pay. Find out if your bank or card supports payments through Google Pay.
Why can't I pay by cheque, money order, or in cash?
Our accepted forms of payment link directly with our renewal system, so payment is automatically and instantly accepted. This is not possible with cheques, money orders, or cash.
I don't have or want to use a credit card. What are my options?
If you also do not want to use Google Pay or pre-authorized payment, we recommend you buy a pre-paid credit card and use it to pay your fee. Please check your total balance owing before you buy the card. The pre-paid credit card must have a balance that can pay the entire fee. Multiple cards cannot be used.​