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Jayakody Mudiyanselage, Daminda, RN

Discipline order

May 20, 2022

Following the issuance of the December 9, 2021 discipline order, the Discipline Panel set a schedule for written submission from the College and from Mr. Jayakody Mudiyanselage with respect to penalty and costs. The Discipline Panel accepted joint submissions from the College and the Respondent. The Discipline Panel ordered that:

  • ​​​​​​​​Mr. Jayakody Mudiyanselage's registration be suspended for six months and that he ​​be reprimanded. Following suspension, Mr. Jayakody Mudiyanselage is subject to limits and conditions on his practice ​​which include:​​​​​

  1. ​Before return​​ing to ​​practice, M​​r. Jayakody Mudiyanselage must undertake remedial educ​​ation, develop a learning plan, and identify a supervisor at his place of work.

  2. ​On his return to pr​​​actice, Mr. J​​ayakody Mudiyanselage must be supervised for 12 months.

  • ​​​​Mr. Jayakody M​u​​diyanselage is ordered to pay costs to BCCNM in the amount of $21,153.60 within two years of this order.​

​In its reasons, the Discipline Panel stated that while they accepted the joint submissions that the six-month suspension was considered served during the time he maintained voluntary non-practising registration status, the duration of six months was “on the light-side for an appropriate penalty" for Mr. Jayakody Mudiyanselage.

Read the full Reasons for Decision on Penalty and Costs HERE.